Health & Safety

Ensuring a safe work environment for both our employees and our clients is always our top priority. We believe that all injuries are preventable, and we are committed to a corporate culture where safety permeates all our operations.

Site Specific Precautions.
After evaluating the safety concerns on each event, the team begins containment efforts and proceeds to cleanup activities.

EHS Implements:

  • Lock Out/Tag Out as needed to ensure safety of our employees and your staff.
  • Health and Safety Analysis for every project. It is is mandatory and site specific.
  • Health and Safety Plans to eliminate or mitigate hazards at all job sites and provide specific direction for clear lines of communication and accountability
  • Procedures Include:
  • Hazard identification, risk evaluation, control of health and safety threats, post-job analysis of health and safety incidents and near-misses.

Our Personnel.

Health and Safety Officer.
Our Health and Safety Officer oversees compliance with both Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and EHS policy.

  • All employees are required to have current OSHA Health and Safety Training. We provide continual, up to date specialized training tailored to meet job-specific hazards and all OSHA requirements.
  • A medical monitoring program uses annual physical exams to track the health and fitness of our employees.
  • EHS verifies the safety record of all of our sub-contractors, as well as their training records and ensures that their insurance coverage is adequate for each site they may be asked to work on.